… for congregations courageous enough to be the Body of Christ in the world so that survivors of trauma, abuse, and neglect thrive in their faith.



“IT” is the Trauma Ministry.

After nine years of research, training, equipping educators, and publishing in the field of trauma, abuse, and neglect, God called me to take this ministry to churches where many survivors seek help or live in the shadows of that help.

The time has come to bring the message of hope and healing to the courageous churches who are willing to enter into the pain and suffering of survivors of trauma, abuse, and neglect worshiping in our churches and living in the communities we serve.

Trauma has been identified as the “greatest mission field of the twenty-first century” for the church. Trauma Ministry is a call for courageous, committed Christians to go to that mission field and minister to the survivors of trauma, abuse and neglect who worship our pews and live in our communities so that they will thrive in their lives and in their faith.


And the numbers are staggering!

Over 61% of respondents in a recent study reported three or more adverse childhood experiences. JAMA Pediatrics, November 2018.

And the costs are astronomical, too!

The CDC reported annual health care costs for child abuse alone to be $585 billion. National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse.  And it not just health care dollars for chronic adult illnesses that have been attributed to childhood abuse.  The cost in quality of life and relationships know no price tags.

Survivors of trauma, abuse, and neglect are hungry and ready for the healing power of the Gospel over the past events in their lives that holds them hostage today.

They need to speak about the unspeakable that has happened to them.  That is the beginning of the healing of trauma, abuse, and neglect.

They yearn to be seen, heard, known, and understood.  The church as ordained by God has the means and capacity to accomplish this ministry to the wounded, oppressed, the most vulnerable among us.  The church has been given an eternal hope to share with these survivors.

Are churches ready?

Historically, the answer is no or slow.  Churches have often looked the other way when confronted with instances of trauma and abuse.  The clergy sex scandal is only the tip of the iceberg where perpetrators have been quietly moved to other ministry posts, only to victimize again. Victims have been told:

  • “Maybe you should not tell anyone. It will hurt the work of Jesus.“
  • “It’s best you (the victim) leave and go somewhere else. We don’t want to hurt our promising minister who has so many great skills.”

At other times, the church has blamed and shamed victims of trauma, abuse, and neglect or offered one and done, flippant answers:

  • “Maybe you should not have dressed so provocatively.”
  • “Forgive and forget.”
  • “Pray about it.”
  • “Get over it. It’s in the past.”

Rest assured, I do not share these often-used words of advice to shame the church.  I want you to know that those approaches don’t work.  I want to rally you to respond to the call to begin a Trauma Ministry for the survivors of trauma, abuse, and neglect who are your members and others who live in the communities you serve.

Just like the boy with the five loaves of bread and two fish, the church is uniquely caught with the resources Jesus needs to heal this epidemic in our culture.

Trauma throttles a victim’s faith. 

A return to a thriving Christian faith provides the resilience not only to lessen the impact of the trauma, it also lessens the likelihood that abuse and neglect will become full blown trauma for those who have been victims of abuse and neglect.

That is why I am here to help, in three ways:

Provide the training, equipping, and support

… of courageous Christians to a Trauma Ministry for their members and those they serve in their communities

Train and equip churches to lead Trauma Healing Groups

… through my credentials with the American Bible Society’s Trauma Healing Institute

Train and equip church members in the most powerful listening skills for this Trauma Ministry

Together our goal is to minister to survivors of trauma, abuse, and neglect so that they may once again thrive in life and in their faith in God.

I want you to know that trauma, abuse, and neglect have not just been a focus of my professional ministry.

I am personally acquainted with trauma, abuse, and neglect and I have been healed from their holds on me.

In the strength of my own breakthroughs and gratitude for those who showed me the way and  who walked the journey with me so that I am thriving again in life and my vibrant relationship with God, I offer my knowledge, experience, skill, and confident hope to you and your congregation as you courageously respond to this invitation to partner in Trauma Ministry.


Let’s discuss how to bring the Trauma Ministry into your church:

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Trauma Ministry

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